What is QueryTalk?

All you need to know about QueryTalk. Quickly explained.


Semantic data access layer

QueryTalk is a semantic data access layer introducing human-readable instructions extremely easy to learn and use:

    s.City.WhichHas(d.Most, s.Company)

QueryTalk is also an ORM framework using the mapping data to facilitate data manipulation in your programming code.

Be simple and fast with QueryTalk.


Code less, query with ease

QueryTalk is simple. There is no XML settings, no modelling, no contexts.

QueryTalk is less code. In most cases, single instructions or even a single-line of code will do the job.

QueryTalk is powerful. It offers plenty of options: semantic querying, SQL querying, a mix of both, or CRUD instructions.


Test immediately

Test your queries on the spot, exactly where they are created:

    s.Person.Whose(s.Person.Age, 40)
querytalk testing environment


Map smarter

Use the mapper application (QueryTalker) to map your databases – fast and efficiently. No interference between the mapping code and the programming code. The mapping files are stored as compiled .dll files in your QueryTalk repository.

querytalker application (mapper)

You got it.